Wednesday, February 15, 2006

You can't insult us, but we can bash you

This is outrageous. The Chief Mufti of Russia (i.e. someone official, not some random hothead) is saying that anyone who participates in Moscow's gay pride parade should be bashed. He's not saying "Islam, that religion of peace and tolerance, and Mohammed (peace be upon him), don't approve of homosexuality." He's not saying, "No good Muslim marches in a gay parade."


He's THREATENING those who march in the parade - Muslim, Orthodox, Jew, Athiest, Onion-worshiper - with violence.

What's worse - some cartoons, or bashing gay people?

What's worse - blowing yourself up at a wedding, or a cartoon?

What's worse - flying a plane into a building and killing thousands of innocents, or a cartoon?

What's wose - assassinations, banning churches, hanging homosexuals, and suppressing the press, or a cartoon?

And why is it that only half of each of those pairings draws official condemnation and protest in the Arab/Muslim world?

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