Monday, February 13, 2006

Oh the drama

Day-whatever of the Emerson saga: finally he has realized that maybe if he shut his mouth, the issue might go away. Except when his no-shows are so transparent they become issues in and of themselves. First he skipped a conference call because he was 'stuck in traffic'. Yeah, because Emerson doesn't own a cell, and does his own driving. Next, he skipped out of Question Period on CTV, as if that will keep them from discussing his story. Of course not, they'll just get his NDP opponent to come on and speak instead. One of the senior Liberal volunteers in Vancouver-Kingsway called Emerson 'politically naieve'. I'll say.

Hargrove out: At first, I thought "finally". Hargrove's actions during the federal election were irritating. His endorsement of Sid Ryan's opponent in Oshawa, his hugging of Martin (actually, I think Martin hugged him by surprise), and the donating of a CAW jacket for Martin to wear. I also heard Hargrove several times on the CBC, where he argued that the RCMP had no business investigating the income trust scandal during an election. He also argued that the NDP had recklessly provoked an election that would only give rise to sovereignty in Quebec. Lines straight out of the Liberal playbook. 

However, now we hear that Layton didn't know about the ejection of Hargrove, it was a provincial NDP action. Hargrove was also stating that he didn't think Layton had anything to do with this. Marilyn Churley, formerly of the Ontario NDP, said the move wasn't a good idea. I think days of the Ontario NDP leader, Howard Hydrozilla Hampton, are numbered.

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