Friday, February 10, 2006

Steven Harper's debut as Paul Jean-Kim Brian-John Trudeau

So apparently Garth Turner, Tory MP, who spoke out against Emerson and Fortier, is finding himself in quite substantial disfavour with the PMO. In his words:

Speaking of offices, after today I’m expecting the Whip will be assigning me a renovated washroom somewhere in a forgotten corner of a vermin-infested dank
basement in Ottawa. That should go well with my seat in the House of Commons that will be visible only during lunar eclipses.

Uh-huh. That kind of a day. This one MP came face-to-face with the party machine in a series of unhappy meetings including one tonight with the prime minister. I think it is now safe to say my career options within the Conservative caucus are seriously limited. If you would like a course on how not to be popular in Ottawa, then take a seat.
Good to know that while in Opposition, the Tories mocked the Liberals for party discipline, for the fact that MPs who didn't toe the line were punished, and promised that no, a Tory government would allow its MPs to speak freely and vote freely.

As I've argued before, what we saw during the Liberal reign was exactly what we saw during the Mulroney years (only that was so far away we'd forgotten). This kind of behaviour, along with corruption, isn't a Liberal thing, it's not a Tory thing - it's a governing thing.

Complete aside - On Turner's blog there's a glorious picture of Parliament at night in winter. Maybe I'm cheesy, but it's so achingly majestic and beautiful, I got a touch teary.


Anonymous said...

I can't believe what I'm hearing from you. You have taken to words from Garth Turner and put them in the mouth of Stephen Harper. It was Garth Turner who said he probably would hear from the PMO. The PMO has not talked to him at all. So for you to suggest this is absolutely untrue and a pack of lies. Why not comment of facts instead of fiction.

Dean P said...

While this corner strenuously disapproves of anonymous comments, and as we start to discern trends will start not publishing individuals who repeatedly post as anonymous, this one cries out for redress.

Turner specifically stated he had had a talk with Steven Harper. It's plastered over every paper in the country, it's on his blog that he'd talked with Harper, it's reported on the news he talked with Harper.

Of course, the right has never struggled with matching the truth to their story . . .