Monday, February 13, 2006

Rage and fanaticism

I'm really very OVER hearing about how the poor Arab world - or really any group - has been so mistreated and oppressed that their rage and rioting and violence is "understandable." I'm really over people saying we need to be sensitive to them - not publishing cartoons - out of sympathy for their oppressed past. Or saying, "Well, suicide bombing, while deplorable, has to be seen in the context of the past."

Get over it.

If being historically oppressed as a group is enough to justify violence and "rage," then why do we not have Tibetan Bhuddist suicide bombers? If being tortured, deported, subjugated, etc., were enough, why are not Tibetans blowing themselves up in Chinese busses or flying planes into buildings in Shanghai?

Or - where are gay terrorists? You want to find a class of people who have been, from biblical times to now, who have been oppressed, lynched, excuted, shut out of jobs, had constitutional amendments passed against them, it's we homos.

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