Thursday, February 02, 2006

It gets better, re Arab hysteria

So now, apparently, Palestinian militants issued a threat against citizens of Denmark and Norway where the drawings were first published. "All nationals and those who work in the diplomatic corps of these countries can be considered targets of the Popular Resistance Committee and Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades," the statement said, according to

Let me get something straight. A private newspaper publishes a cartoon, and as a result, every Dane and Norwegian can now be killed.

Well, let's take that logic one step further. A Palestinian militant kills a Dane. According to that logic, any other Palestinian is now a legitimate target for criminal sanction or retaliation.

Or one of these Martyrs Brigade types blows himself up in a Jerusalem marketplace. By their own logic, the Palestinian people - or even, perhaps, Muslims as a whole - are collectively guilty.

Perhaps that's a road they don't really want to go down.

So these people, all (legitimately) up in arms that muslims as a whole sometimes get blamed for Sept. 11, now suggest that the same be true for nationals of countries were non-governmental organizations do something they don't like.

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