Thursday, February 16, 2006

Science and Religion Clash

So apparently, DNA research has shown that the fundamental premise of the Mormon faith is wrong.

For the rational, reality-based people out there, this is probably no big deal. We all know (pace Stockwell Day), that dinosaurs and people didn't walk the earth together, that no, God didn't just wave his hand and make everyone. Some people can accept the Bible as allegory.

But when you accept it as literal truth, you have a problem. So when the Mormons believe as literal truth that native indians are descendants of a tribe of Israel, and DNA evidence says, nope, unless Israel is in eastern Asia, they aren't, you have a direct clash.

And unforunately, just as with evolution, science loses. The empirical, demonstrable loses out to the mystical and fantastic.

I seem to recall the Dali Lama once saying that if science contradicted Bhuddism, Bhuddism would have to change. If only other religions could be so accomodating. I've not heard of Bhuddist terrorists or crusaders or forced conversions or inquisitions or religious persecution by Bhuddists. I wonder if there's a link.

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