Thursday, February 09, 2006

They didn't want Emerson to be in government

A lot of the defenders of Emerson have recently gone on and on about how it's much better for the good people of Vancouver-Kingsway to have their MP in government and indeed in Cabinet.

Well, this may be true (though it's pernicious with regard to the Cabinet. The Federal Cabinet is not some sort of BQ-fantasy Council of the Federation, with each Minster acting as some regional baron to pull as much pork into his castle as possble. The job of a Federal Minister is to exercise his duties for the good of all Canadians. Only when his Minister mitre is off and his MP skullcap is on does he then look out for his riding).

However. However.

In the days - even weeks before the election, the good people of Vancouver-Kingsway (and, indeed, everyone in Canada but Paul Martin and the Board) were fully aware that there was going to be at least a Tory minority, if not a majority.

Thus, had the gentle burghers of Vancouver-Kingsway actually wanted to be represented in government rather than in opposition, why would they have given 77% of their votes to candidates who would be in opposition and not the government?

If this logic is to be accepted, well, then what should happen is that everyone in the entire country will check out the polls the day before the election, see who's going to win a minority or majority, and all vote for that party in their ridings. Then EVERY riding in the entire country would be in government, which is clearly the ideal situation.

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