Thursday, February 23, 2006


I'm losing more and more respect for the Islamic world by the day. There. I said it.

Yesterday, a quite important Shia mosque was bombed. By a small group of nutcases, no doubt.

And then Iraq explodes into violence.

I'm sorry. I just don't get it. Some nut case blows up a mosque, and therefore it's okay to go after Sunni mosques and innocent civilians who had nothing to do with the blowing up?

Is that how crazy the Arab world is? Someone makes us angry, so we go after people who are either of the same sect or same nationality or same general societal affiliation (i.e. Western), even though they had nothing to do with the offence? A publisher in Denmark makes us mad, therefore all Europeans are fair game for violence. A crazy Sunni bombs a mosque, so innocent Sunni civilians are now fair game for retaliation?

And I'm not gonna buy any PC excuses that "oh, well, they've been repressed for so long, the West is evil, yada yada." There is absolutely no excuse for violence against people who've done nothing, imposing some sort of collective guilt.

The Arab world really needs to grow up and stop throwing tantrums every time someone does something that makes them mad.

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