Monday, February 06, 2006

Installing new cabinetry

I wonder if Harper's kids will be friends with Jean's daughter.
On to the cabinet....David Emerson, wow. And wow, so wrong. He just did a bait and switch on his constituents that totally outdoes Boolinda.
James Moore not in? Mistake! He owned the transport portfolio!
Stockwell Day as Minister of Public Safety...quite possibly a more frightening outcome than having him at Foreign Affairs.
Vic Toews at Justice...hmmm, trouble.
Tony Clement at Health....I'm not sure how this will go over in Ontario. He has both friends and enemies through the health-care system.
Peter Mackay at Foreign...good choice.
Gordon O'Connor at Defence...Hillier must be thrilled.
John Baird at Treasury Board...his cat Thatcher must be thrilled.
I love that the whole process, as far as news coverage goes, was over and done with in about 15 minutes. A far cry from the orgy of pageantry that is the US Presidential Inauguration.

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