Wednesday, February 22, 2006

It's about trust

Dan Froomkin makes some good points.

Now, I'm not really all that sure how big a deal it is that a company from UAE owns or runs a port here. I mean, it takes a pretty fantastic leap of conspiracy imagination to get to the fact that this will make it easier for terrorists to do things - some cloak and dagger of port executives turning blind eyes to nuclear missiles being smuggled in. Only 5% of containers are inspected to begin with.

But - Bush is doing his full-steam-ahead, damn-the-torpedos approach, and for once it is going to backfire. Imagine if the veto were overridden?

It might say a good thing here about Repulicans. This is such a non-issue and they're not backing down, when they've supported Bush in the past on much more untenable positions. Are they finally realizing that he's incompetent and mendacious?

We can only hope.

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