Wednesday, February 27, 2008

That ought to shut them up

I'm still torn on which Democratic candidate for President I'd favour, but I have to admit, all this NAFTA bashing from both of them is very irritating indeed. Bash Chindia, if you want to target the real job loss boogie man.

Well here comes our Minister of Trade, David Emerson with a 'friendly' warning that re-opening NAFTA is a two-way street.

Its an odd day indeed when I support a Conservative cabinet minister's sharp words to US Democrats.

Its also astonishing that a Conservative (albeit, a former Liberal) would play the oil card. Recall it was instant recrimination and hellfire from Ralph Klein and his Alliance proxies whenever Chretien even joked about using oil as leverage.

But that was a long time ago, and these ain't your father's Conservatives no more.

Well, we certainly attract some flies

I'm vaguely astonished that after such a long hiatus we have people who still read us.

That said, I'm also astonished by the rank stupidity of some of our readers. Check out the comments.

First off: The "liberal" supreme court of Canada in fact had nothing to do with anything. It was the Court of Appeal for Ontario (the Chief Judge of which (and who wrote the opinion) incidentally happens to have been a TORY appointee and unless I'm mistaken, was also the Attorney General of Ontario under a TORY government), followed by the Courts of Appeal for every other province save for barbarian Alberta, that pointed out the constitutional flaw.

Second: Give me a fucking break with the "no input from the people" bullshit. Our constitution is crystal clear that the rights of minorities aren't subject to the whims of the people. Otherwise we'd have idiots like Jonathon and Trevor--mouth breathing slack jawed cro magnons--deciding that no, only white Brit-descended men can vote.

Third: Mike is abso-fucking-lutly right that the Jeanfather had to be dragged to the altar. And to his everlasting credit, he acknowledged that even he is subject to the rule of law (something that the US president would to well to recognize, pace extraordinary rendition and whatnot).

And lastly: Anyone (Trevor) who thinks that the Liberal government was the "most corrupt government in history" has a deeply shaky view/understanding of history and probably should read a little more. But then, if your only source of knowledge is Fox News, of fucking course you might have such a weak understanding of anything. Still, for these people, I suspect they don't make enough big-print simple-english books.

We will be vindicated of all of this. The Chretien years represent the flowering of our society. Canada sits on the pinnacle of human achievement, and though of course everything also rests upon our great predecessors and hundreds of years of work as a society (need I point out we are one of the oldest democracies going?), the ten years of the Jeanfather will rank as ten of the greatest we have ever had.

I am an unreconstructed devout Chretienite. I would have had another 10 years of him as Prime Minister. He stood up to the Yankees, he kept us from Iraq, he throttled that anti-Canadian protester, he introduced the Clarity Act and was responsible for the Separation Reference. Unlike Muldoon, he didn't open up the Constitution.

Our federation is immeasurably better because of him, particularly in light of the two small minded men who came after him. It may have been bland government, but god save us from visionaries. The MacKenzie King and Borden governments may have been the same, but those too were some of our greatest years.

And the small minded fools who think otherwise--likely former Alliance voters--can go back to their caves, club their wives, shoot the homos/blacks/asians/immigrants/Quebecois. But you are against the tide of history and one day we will be rid of you all. You have 10 years, and then finally the children who grew up in these glory days of Canadian society will be of age--the children who don't give a shit about race/language/colour/religion. You old guard are doomed, and maybe Alberta--the rural areas--will hold out as some old guard, but the rest of the country, particularly Toronto/Montreal/Vancouver, will be striding forward and will leave you in the dust.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


The Jeanfather gets the honour he deserves.

When the history books are written, people will look back on the Chretien years, and they will say that maybe we didn't have the most flamboyant leader, maybe we didn't have an orator, we didn't have a flashy leader, but we were well governed, we had a Prime Minister who steered us well.

Jean Chretien ushered in our current renaissance, the golden age that we are currently experiencing. And for homos, like me, the Jeanfather's courage in bringing forward same sex marriage catapults him into sainthood. The list of his quiet, untrumpeted achievements--and those of the Liberal government--is proof that we are truly blessed (not that there's a god to bless but you get the point.)

As the Jeanfather always said, Vive le Canada!

And for good measure, God save the Queen.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Sullivan is an idiot

This post, by Sullivan, is bullshit on so many levels, and perfectly illustrates both a) how pathological he is in his anti-Hillary obsession, and b) how pathetic American politics are that we have to dig up things from like 25 years ago.

Give me a fucking break. She was a 27 year old public defender. She attacked the credibility of a witness.

First: Of course she fucking did. I'm not thinking too hard about it but I think it would be borderline mal-fucking-practice not to.

Second: She was a PUBLIC FUCKING DEFENDER. These are people who get paid jack shit, who have to defend people who are most of the time guilty people who will lie to their attorneys, and who are basically looked down upon by the rest of the profession.

Rather than attack her for doing her job, Sullivan should be COMMENDING her. Because how many fucking Republican bastards ever did anything like shittily-paid public service working for low life scum because they believed that no matter what, everyone deserves a fucking defence attorney? (And I'll point out that when I clerked for a judge with a criminal docket, the government kept cutting back money to public defenders and CJA attorneys, meaning there were fewer of them who had to take on more cases.)

Give me a fucking break.