Tuesday, February 26, 2008


The Jeanfather gets the honour he deserves.

When the history books are written, people will look back on the Chretien years, and they will say that maybe we didn't have the most flamboyant leader, maybe we didn't have an orator, we didn't have a flashy leader, but we were well governed, we had a Prime Minister who steered us well.

Jean Chretien ushered in our current renaissance, the golden age that we are currently experiencing. And for homos, like me, the Jeanfather's courage in bringing forward same sex marriage catapults him into sainthood. The list of his quiet, untrumpeted achievements--and those of the Liberal government--is proof that we are truly blessed (not that there's a god to bless but you get the point.)

As the Jeanfather always said, Vive le Canada!

And for good measure, God save the Queen.


Trevor said...

Personally I find it offensive that the man who ran the most corrupt government in history is awarded anything other than jail time.

Johnathon said...

Hey Homo, Jean CHretien had NOTHING to do with bringing forward homosexual marriage.

In 199, he stood up in the House of COmmons and proclaimed to the world that MARRIAGE IS BETWEEN 1 MAN AND 1 WOMAN.

But then something funny happened.

The Liberal Supreme Court of Canada decided (by themselves, without a mandate from the people) that queers should be able to marry.

So Chretien realized that if he wants to win all those homosexual seats in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal, he better make a new law.

Funny how in 1999 he was TOTALLY against it, but in 004, he feel in love with it.

Typical liberals at their best.

And lest's not forget all the liberals who voted against it when Harper had a free vote which is somethin Liberals have NEVER heard of.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Jeanfather didn't bring the SSM - it was Martin. I saw Chretien in an interview a while back and he said he wouldn't have brought it to the table and had a problem with it.

Mike B said...

The Jeanfather had to be dragged to the same-sex altar, so to speak, by the courts. He was never comfortable with it, but to his credit, he acknowledged why (old school catholic upbringing) and realized his personal feelings on the matter were irrelevant. So I forgive his reluctance.

Despite the fact that Martin presided over it actually becoming legislation, I have trouble crediting Martin with anything.

Anonymous said...

A great excerpt from a BCer in Toronto...Need anyone say more about the Chretien years.

"The problem is, we rushed into a leadership race after the election defeat without ever really acknowldging the deep rot that has set into the Liberal Party, let alone doing anything to fix it. We created this rot, this sickess through years of Chretien/Martin civil war, preceded by years of Turner/Chretien civil war, going back who knows how many generations. A rot worsened by years of majority government with noses bellied-up to the trough, by self-important organizers that put winning and position before policy and what's right, by a deep sense of entitlement, by a bloated party machine dependant on big corporate donations."

I guess "Finally" should apply to BCer calling it as everyone else really knew it was under Chretien.

Dean P said...

anon: you are a pussy, and your post is so devoid of any substance there's no point in responding.

Show your name, you fucking wimp.

Anonymous said...

Gee, good comeback Dean. Hey look I understand. It is next to impossible to defend the indefensible, and if you are part of the "rot" that BCer described, then you might even feel targeted.