Monday, February 25, 2008

Sullivan is an idiot

This post, by Sullivan, is bullshit on so many levels, and perfectly illustrates both a) how pathological he is in his anti-Hillary obsession, and b) how pathetic American politics are that we have to dig up things from like 25 years ago.

Give me a fucking break. She was a 27 year old public defender. She attacked the credibility of a witness.

First: Of course she fucking did. I'm not thinking too hard about it but I think it would be borderline mal-fucking-practice not to.

Second: She was a PUBLIC FUCKING DEFENDER. These are people who get paid jack shit, who have to defend people who are most of the time guilty people who will lie to their attorneys, and who are basically looked down upon by the rest of the profession.

Rather than attack her for doing her job, Sullivan should be COMMENDING her. Because how many fucking Republican bastards ever did anything like shittily-paid public service working for low life scum because they believed that no matter what, everyone deserves a fucking defence attorney? (And I'll point out that when I clerked for a judge with a criminal docket, the government kept cutting back money to public defenders and CJA attorneys, meaning there were fewer of them who had to take on more cases.)

Give me a fucking break.

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