Monday, January 14, 2008

Kady O'Malley... the new Paul Wells. I'm kinda over him, actually, since he moved to France to lob the occasional pithy comment on Canadian politics over the ocean . But she'll do just fine as his replacement. In addition to being the mistress of liveblogging, check out her nice summary of the buried outrage that is the Paille Report. It really serves to convince me that the Conservatives are out of ideas, never had any good ideas, have no interest in living up to all their talk while in opposition, and simply don't have the brains or talent to understand what drives a modern economy. More of this, and Dion will be PM by the end of the year.


RuralSandi said...

She's young and boy does she make the other lazy journalists of far more experience look bad - she researches, she does her homework, she comes up with new issues to read about.

We need more like her.

Mike B said...

She also makes every effort to reply to emails from readers. A rare quality these days, but really, so easy with the right technology.

Dean P said...

I love her. If I weren't, well, a homo, I'd switch for her.