Monday, February 06, 2006

Pundit Hair Watch

A monday edition of the National's At Issue panel!
Well duh, a new PM and cabinet just got sworn in, said PM already alienated his base, sacrificed two of his party's principles (elected senate, accountability to voters) AND pissed off an entire riding.


First up on the agenda however, Chantal's hair. Hmm. No product, but she is brushing it differently.

Coyne, decent as always.

Where the hell is Wells?

Anyway. Hebert pointed out that evidently Harper doesn't believe in honeymoons, because he just blew it. Coyne's view is that although Harper may be reaching out to all the voters who didn't vote for the Conservatives, with their two moves today, they may have alienated everyone who did.

Consensus: Emerson is far more qualified than Boolinda to cross and walk into cabinet, but it's a slap in the face to the voters, arguably worse than the previous cases.

Coyne said Harper needs to call two by-elections immediately. Hebert thinks he can ride it out. Time will tell.

Coyne's final point: Emerson justified his switch by arguing that the Conservatives were moving to the centre, but the evidence, as given by arch-conservatives Toews in Justice and Flaherty in Finance, says otherwise.

With Emerson, the Tories are 1 vote strong. Hebert on the possibilities of an NDP-Conservative coalition: It's the most conservative cabinet she has seen in her lifetime, so it's unlikely.

I'll tell you what's unlikely: Hebert putting that damn product back in her hair!

Where oh where is Paul Wells?

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