Monday, February 13, 2006

Bending over . . .

. . . backwards (unfortunately.) Here in Canada and the USA, some circles go on and on about how we need to be sensitive to Muslim cultural values, and sensitive to their religious prohibitions about drawing pictures of Mohammed, be it of him gazing thoughtfully or with a bomb on his head or screwing a sheep. We need to make sure our free press doesn't offend their sensibilities.

How far do we go? Apparently, Brokeback Mountain (which I've not yet seen, yes, you can take my gay card) is not going to be showing in the Muslim world. Not exactly a surprise. However, apparently it's "against Islam" because it forbids such "abnormal behaviours."

So - following the logic of those who think we need to be sensitive (once again, I use italics to denote a sneer), do we now pull Brokeback from movie theatres? It offends some Muslims?

Now, I'm sure someone's going to turn around and spout some nonsense that there's a difference between engaging in sodomy and making a drawing (there is: I'm good at the one, not at the other). That may be so in their minds (though how there can be differing levels of abomination is quite beyond me), but the point is we're saying we shouldn't do it because it will offend them.

Well, we're allowed to offend them in one regard, but not in others?

Hypocricy. Specious, sophistical hypocricy.

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audacious said...

but the move Paradise Now, despite the award nominations isn't getting much view over here either.

the cartoons are/is what broke the camels back ... despite all the retoric, unless one is muslim or has lived as a resident / not occupier or visitor ect. in that part of the world, we don't or can't fully understand ... just as the views of forgeign policy of our neighbours to the south or israel - a debate all in itself ...; but we can't assimulate our culture to and into theirs, our worlds are so much different. what do i know? other than from my arm side chair, i think we all have to look at how governments go in to help these people ... ; instead of for alternative motives or to become a super power. dunno, enough said, huh, lol.