Saturday, February 11, 2006

Accountable to the...guy who appointed him.

So Michel Fortier was appointed to represent Montreal. Turns out his seat represents rural Quebec

Michel Fortier on CBC One's The House this morning: "We needed representation in greater Montreal"

Greater Montreal. Huh. That's a new one. And to be sure we heard, he said 'greater' at least five more times in the interview. For someone following the story from day one (it being Day Seven of the One-Day issue), the evolution of their justifications for this mess is, well, enough to convince even the most die-hard believers of Intelligent Design... (if desired, insert own more obvious joke here, re: lack of intelligence or design, etc)

Fortier also says he won't run in a by-election, just a general election, because that's what Harper told him to do.  He acknowledges that he is probably supported by the people of Montreal, he acknowledges it's not a perfect solution, but he has to follow the mandate given to him by his leader to run Public Works.

His mandate.

Well, at least he's accountable to one person's wishes.

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