Sunday, February 19, 2006

Emerson speaks

So David Emerson finally made his appearance on CTV's Question Period.
He says his switch was not motivated by personal reasons, but a desire to work for his riding.

Why? He said he didn't come into politics for partisan reasons, he's not political person, he came in as a Paul Martin Liberal. As if  "Paul Martin Liberal" was some euphemism for non-partisan sainthood, working for the good of all without any self-interest.

Asked if he will run as a Conservative in the next election, Emerson said he will if he feels he can still contribute.

Translation: if I can win, and the Tories are going to form the government. Hey, he can always switch back if they don't.


Anonymous said...

Any chance of getting a DE Recall Bumber Sticker? How about spot notes that can be stuck up in public places?

We gotta keep this going so this dude never finds a place to hide.

Mike B said...

Perhaps the designers of this website can be of help:

Anonymous said...

Down with David Emerson!

Keep up the heat as long as it takes. Never give him any peace. Do whatever you can to keep his name in the media.