Thursday, January 05, 2006

You can't ban it just cos you think it's gross

While Mike has the pleasure of living in a vaguely enlightened country where same-sex marriage is legal, unfortunately I live in one where there are many, many, many, many, many attempts being made to ban it.

Yesterday, however, the top Cherokee Nation Court held that there citizens do not have standing to challenge the marriage of two Cherokee women, just cos they think it's icky. Several citizens had gotten together to enjoin the marriage of the two women. The court stated:

Members of the Tribal Council, like private Cherokee citizens, must demonstrate a specific particularized harm . . . . In the present case, the Council members fail to demonstrate the requisite harm.

Well, there you have it. Foes of SSM always think it's going to ruin marriage for everyone, though really, it seems to be doing just fine in Canada, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Spain. And now a Court comes out and says, hey, the fact that Adam and Steve got married doesn't really do much to your marriage, Billy-Bob and Mary-Sue. Just like Adam and Steve can't really do much about your wife-beater and trailer and the fact that you're reproducing, even though they wouldn't do that kinda stuff themselves (buck teeth are so 1920s), so you can't stop them from getting hitched and buying a fabulous condo and decorating it with chic furniture with tasteful accessories arranged just so to create a perfect feng-shui environment for fancy cocktail parties.

Oh yeah, and engaging in a little legal sodomy.

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