Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Ut incipit Fidelis sic permanet

With Martin gone, it looks a little like Ontario may be returning to its normal role - the nice, benevolent defender of federalism that puts its own interests second.

Murray Campbell writes in today's Globe:

But the prospect of victory in the Battle of the Fiscal Gap seems to make Mr. McGuinty nervous. Even as he said he welcomed Mr. Harper's overtures, he warned, "Ontario will not support any effort that would weaken our country."

Exactly. Always, Ontario has sat back and accepted being disadvantaged or accepted that it doesn't get its way, all to keep the country running smoothly. Ontario could flex its muscles and demand that its interests come first (much like, oh, Alberta and Quebec do).

[Were his comments] -- and this is more likely -- a warning shot across the Conservative bow to avoid that old Joe Clark "community of communities" shtick and not to go too far in accommodating the Bloc Québécois in the interest of sustaining his slim minority in Parliament?

This would be a welcome thing.

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