Thursday, January 26, 2006

Ethical purity . . .

It's quite entertaining to hear all the voices of Western and Tory triumphalism announcing an end to unethical behaviour, as if the Liberal party had a monopoly on it.

Apparently, however, before even forming the Government, Harper disregarded House ethics rules.

Politicians are politicians, be it that they're wearing red, blue, or orange. To pretend otherwise is delusional and ahistorical.


fiddlefaddle said...

This is kind like Martin has to hold the ball for the the opening Conservative kick off as penance for stealing all that money and just as Harper goes to kick it Martin lets go of the ball causing Harper to fall on his ass from the follow through.
In case you don't get it, there is no small amount of arcane symbolism connected to 'accountability legislation'. Does the name Moses ring a bell? How about tablets of stone? Get it now? We are talking about the 'promised land' here pal.
Since we already had the prayer meeting on parliament lawns this one called for a 'higher' level of symbolism.
Don't tell me Hem Embroiderers don't earn their spot in the front pews.
(Whew. Hows that for connecting the dots between ethical purity and christian heritage front.)

Dean P said...

I'm, um, not really sure what the comment above meant? First, surely Martin had nothing to do with Dosanjh's exoneration.

Moses? Tablets of stone? Huh?