Friday, January 06, 2006

Gratuitous musical humour

While, of course, this blog tried to keep a certain amount of gravitas, some things are simply so unacceptably funny that they need to be shared.

Of course, the attorney in me, always looking for liability ("That little old lady killed by a truck crossing the street? She wasn't in the crosswalk. She owes the driver") wonders: those songs are almost surely not in the public domain. And even if the songs themselves are, is this woman from New Zealand actually so able to make background music that perfectly replicates the original? The mind reels at the scope of the violations of the Copyright Act and international copyright laws.

But then it's just so . . . catchy . . . that I want to go out and buy the originals, so perhaps that's why she's allowed to do what she's doing.

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SuperOisy said...

I like what you did with my language there...