Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Pundit Hair Watch

Raced home to catch CBC National's At Issue panel tonight...shocked and dismayed to see that Paul Wells wasn't there. Where are you Paul? I know you were at Pearson this afternoon...

I had to settle for David Bercuson as his replacement. Easy hair to judge. Comb over. Nuff said. On to Andrew Coyne. Was looking good, neatly combed. As for Chantal, I was disappointed...her hair just hasn't matched the styling she managed back in December. But I'll still be watching.

Oh and if you're curious, they talked about the realities that have set in, 48 hours later. Essentially, Harper needs to govern according to his very narrow mandate, and consensus was that he realizes this. Chantal said he needs to get through his first 100 days exactly the way Martin didn't, that is, being decisive. First 100 days? More like Martin's entire term in office. All agreed that Harper owes nobody in his party anything, with regards to cabinet seats. Mackay didn't deliver the Atlantic, Alberta was all sown up, and Quebec was all his. So that process will be easy for him. Bercuson and Coyne suggested that the party's social conservative agenda is dead on arrival. Harper will hold the SSM vote, lose it, get it out of the way now while the Liberals are leaderless, and then move on.

They briefly touched on McKenna...Chantal felt that his resignation was logical purely from the standpoint that he was a political appointee. He had to resign, even if he wasn't running for leader. Coyne said a McKenna coronation would be a mistake. Bercuson said they must have a leadership race to bury the civil war wounds.

Over all, a great At Issue. Would have been better with Paul there. He could have cleaned up in the hair department. As it stands, I had to go with Coyne as having the best do. But if Paul comes back, and Chantal rediscovers that magical product she was using, hoo boy, watch out, all bets are off.

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