Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Snowflake wants to play house.

With a provincial election expected next year, the PQ is making Quebec independence the centre of its platform.

"The PQ's new education critic, Camil Bouchard, will organize a special party meeting in June to debate how the school system would be managed in a sovereign Quebec. "We have to build a school system for a country," Mr. Bouchard said."

Essentially, their policy platform exercise will be a big game of "Let's play Independent Country! You be the President, I'll be the Minister of Pompous Independent-Country Ministries. No wait. I want to be the President." "No, I want to be President!" "No fair! Mamaaaaaaan!"

Let me get this straight: A school system for a country? You mean, a system with subsized daycare, elementary school books with nationalized history and geography sections, a pre-university college system, that perhaps could be called oh, I don't know, "CEGEP", their own post-secondary tuition program, and world class universities (but without the evil Anglo "Mc" in the name) and all that? Gee, I really hope the PQ achieves their goal of separation so that they will be free of the oppressive constraining evil Canadian Federal Minister of Education who has held them back for so long.

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