Saturday, January 14, 2006

Layton's Revenge

After Paul Martin urged soft-NDP voters to go Liberal in the final days of the 2004 election, we now see Jack Layton returning the favour . Describing the current incarnation of the Liberal Party as nothing like the party of old, Layton is urging disappointed Liberals to flock to his banner.

The article describes the new NDP strategy as "picking the Liberal carcass". Fitting imagery indeed.

With a "Liberal carcass picked clean" and the inevitable (and overdue, and likely entertaining) descent into yet more vicious leadership battles among the survivors, we may witness the emergence of the NDP as the effective Opposition in Parliament. Not necessarily the Official Opposition, but at the very least, the Opposition as far as English Canada is concerned. And if a party can form an effective and credible Opposition, the next mental jump in public perception to Credible Governing Alternative isn't too far away. A matured NDP, dropping the far-left baggage and moving to the centre...

Far-fetched? Hey, two months ago, a Conservative government was unimaginable for most people. Now it is openly embraced and welcomed by those who previously would have been babbling incoherently in fear and loathing.

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