Friday, January 06, 2006

Changing their wicked ways, by joining them

Lonnie Latham, a southern Baptist pastor, was arrested yesterday for soliciting an undercover cop whom he thought was a male prostitute.

Apparently, Latham was "ministering to the police."

Now, it's hard to see how ministering to the police takes place by inviting the person into your hotel room for a blow job. Particularly when you don't even know the solicitee is a cop, and when it takes place not in places where the police tend to congregate (say, a police station or a doughnut shop), but rather in the parking lot (known as a place to pick up boys) of a hotel (where Latham was renting a room) which bills itself as the "Southwest's largest gay resort."

Perhaps there was some confusion: maybe he asked the cop to come back to his room and "get down on his knees" which the cop took to mean either a) "go down on me" or b) "get down on your knees and insert my priestly manhood into your mouth;" where Latham actually intended "let us get down on our knees and worship the greatness of the lord in my hotel room in the Southwest's largest gay resort."

Of course, this from the priest who's against SSM and who signed on to a statement urging churches to try to gays and lesbians that they can become heterosexual "if they accept Jesus Christ as their savior and reject their sinful, destructive lifestyle."

You can bet Latham'll be getting down on his knees a lot more in the coming future - for Bubba in Cell Block 5 of Oklahoma State Prison.

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