Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Proof the Libs know they're doomed

Warren Kinsella give a compelling proof that the Liberals know they're about to lose:

A sitting Prime Minister personally approving an ad that defames a sitting president, with whom he would presumably need to work, after an election? That's a Prime Minister who is returning to the private sector. He knew it was all over when he approved those ads. They were designed to protect what few ridings he had left, not expand his base.
An excellent point. I agree completely with TDH Strategies on this being a good thing:

What people tend to forget is that being a Liberal has never had to do with the outcome of a leadership race, and so those underlings and hanger-ons (including those MPs and Ministers that were so anxious to sack the most successful leader
in a generation for their own personal gain) who took a trip on Paul Martin's train deserve everything they get for forgetting why they believed in Liberal values in the first place. . . Paul Martin never represented those ideals for thousands of party faithful across the country, and now is the time to not only choose a new leader, but to reform this party into something we can all be proud of once again.
Martin has been a spectacular failure as a leader, as a politician, as a liberal or as a Liberal. Let's now pray there's a Tory minority, a massive Liberal bloodbath, and a rebirth of the true Liberal party. Of course, my view of the true Liberal party more or less necessitates the resurrection of Trudeau, but I'll leave the mechanics of that to the more metaphysically-inclined.

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