Friday, January 06, 2006

Outrageous hearsay gossip

I have this totally fifth hand, passed on to me by my brother. It's so wonderfully delicious that I had to post it. Enjoy, gentle reader:

I've been following the Abramoff scandal for months now. There are no women mentioned anywhere at all in connection with him, in the trips to Scotland, the skybox, the restaurant that he used to bribe congressmen etc. (And we know congressman are a horny bunch). Abramoff apparently has neither wife nor girlfriend. He has either owned or rented a home in Rehoboth Beach. So has his partner-in-crime Michael Scanlon, who is similarly unattached. Scanlon has been accused of being gay on the internet already; it seems he is/was lifeguard in Rehoboth for many summers and had a lot of male lifeguard pals there. Is it a stretch assume that Abramoff and Scanlon are gay? I'm wondering if you know anyone in D.C. or Maryland who can confirm ordeny my suspicion.

Well, you may ask, so what? Here's the kicker…What if Abramoff/Scanlon is somehow connected to James Guckert/Jeff Gannon? I vaguely recall him living in or near Rehoboth Beach too. Now THAT would be a scandal...It's obvious to anyone not on the Kool-Aid diet that Guckert/Gannon had a friend in a VERY high place at the White House. If you or I tried to get a daily press pass under a bogus name, where do you think we would be spending our days? Probably in the basement under the VP's office, with Dick Cheney himself turning the thumbscrews. But Guckert/Gannon not only got hundreds of daily passes, he even got to ask the White House Spokesmen questions, despite the fact that he had no legitimate press credentials and the fact that HE WAS USING AN ASSUMED NAME. The Guckert/Gannon scandal was swept under the table because Bush was still very popular and powerful when it broke in early 2005, having just been reelected. But there is no possible innocent explanation forthe man's presence in the White House; someone must have told someone, let him in, don't do the background checks, he ok. Who had that kind of juice with the Bush Administration? And would be interested ingetting a working male escort into the White House under the guise of reporter? I wonder if it was Jack Abramoff…Anyway, if you know anyone who might know Abramoff or Scanlon on a, umm, personal level, let me know how the gay boys are....noone can keep quiet for long.

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