Monday, January 30, 2006

She knew!

Hard to believe, but I think my worship level of Chantal Hebert has increased.

I was giving some pork loin chops a lovely Spanish treatment and listening to CBC One when a light went off. Chantal knew McKenna wasn't going to run!

So did she figure it out or was she tipped off? Her style is analysis and logic like Coyne, not sources and rumour like Taber. Intriguing...

Anyway, here's my reasoning:

Here, I pointed out that she said McKenna's resignation from the ambassadorship didn't mean he was going to run, just that it was something he had to do.

And then today, in discussing the Liberal leadership race, she did not mention his name at all.

Odd, except until this afternoon when McKenna declined to run.

Granted, she didn't comment on what card game Frank was playing when he came to his decision, but still....tricky Chantal...if only you'd go back to that matte-effect hair product, I'd have a new religion.

1 comment:

Dean P said...

Chantal's all knowing. We've known that forever.