Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Christian Heritage Front calls Dean an "Abomination"

Now, I'm sure some of our acute readers have noticed that Mike and I have more than a passing or academic interest in certain issues like Same-Sex Marriage. My riding in particular meant a lot to me, given that the Liberal candidate Mark Holland was being challenged by Rondo Thomas, a nutcase theocon who thinks that God's law should be imposed on us all and we homos sent off to camps or something.

What unfortunately escaped my radar was that there was another theocon running for office in Ajax-Pickering: This guy. He managed all of 435 votes (to Holland's 25,556). Naturally, being the somewhat fesity boy that I can be, I wrote him to congratulate him on his successes.

His response was wonderful. After congratulating me in my interest in Canadian democracy, he made the following wonderful observation:

We live in an orderly world- there are laws of nature that make this planet what it is, whether you believe them or not. Take gravity, for example. I have the freedom to choose whether I believe in it or not. But if I jump off a skyscraper, my beliefs have no effect because the law is there- I will experience the negative consequences of breaking it. Likewise, there are moral laws put in place by the Creator of humankind, which when contravened, will also have negative effects. God created these natural and moral laws because He cares about the people he created just like a loving parent cares about their children and makes rules like "don't touch the stove" or "don't go in the cookie jar." It's not to spoil our fun, but because He wants what's best for us. But, like the law of gravity, it is your choice to believe that the moral law

I love it. It certainly speaks for itself. Of course, my parents always let me go into the cookie jar, so I suppose that they're headed to hell with me. Naturally, of course, he does his biblical cherry picking, which I've commented on before.

But then came the kicker. After giving me this nice lecture about God's law (and I'm sorry, to me, our law is much more important), he proceeds to call us abominations:

Often gay people have been hurt by Christians who tell them that they are commiting an abomination." I feel that it needs to be made clear that God also calls lying, cheating, and pride an abomination- of which I myself, and probably most of us are guilty of at times. But God's love for us is greater than His hate for sins of all kinds- that is why He will forgive us if we are sorry.

Notice he doesn't say that he doesn't think we're committing an abomination. No. He says that lying, cheating, and pride are also abominations. And guess what? I'm not sorry, and I don't think I need to be forgiven. Well, maybe by the woman I cut off as I drove through Beverly Hills, or that guy I never called back, but not by Norng's god.

Norgn has two kids (they must be young, the guy is only 25). One day I hope one of them comes to him and says, "Dad, I'm gay." The touching part will be watching him choose between his God and his child. The sad thing is, there are too many parents who make the wrong choice there.

What gets me the most about these theocons is how they preach love from one side of their mouth, and then hate from the other while couching it in some patronizing christian-man's-burden tone. He also, of course, misses that other churches don't quite have the same take on god's law as he does.

Anyway, if any of our good readers would like to join in the chorus of congratulations, he can be reached here.

I confess to having some bias here. The Christian Heritage Front/Party targeted members of my family some years ago. In the pre-internet days, members of my family found themselves featured on the CHF's phone-in hate line, for doing such unchristian things as opposing racism . . .

Update: As my tag teaming buddy Mike points out, if it really is against god's law, god's pretty lax on the enforcement side of things. A few well-placed lightning bolts would do wonders for deterrence.

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