Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Dion's Quebec "baggage"

One of the main criticisms of Stephane Dion's leadership potential is that he isn't liked in Quebec...

Just like Chretien wasn't liked in Quebec.

And our new prime minister.

Dislike/shmislike. If you put forward policies based on truth and conviction and logic (ie. the federal Clarity Act) and are willing to defend them with passion and reason, then reasonable rational people will respect you, even if, shocker, they may disagree with you. They might even vote for you, especially when faced with likeable (matinee idol good-looking) but ultimately convinction-less alternatives.

"Live by the polls/die by the polls" Dithers never got that. Take an issue and ram it down their throats, if you truly believe in the correctness of it. That's leadership.

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