Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Pundit Cliché Watch

Forget my monitoring of Chantal Hebert's hair, it's far more rewarding to monitor her use of "Achilles Heel" .

On April 19th, it was Charest .
On May 10th, it was Afganistan .

An on June 5th, in Chantal Hebert's Monday column in the Star , Stephen Harper magically grows another heel!

"...many of the issues that may have legs in the next campaign dovetail with the priorities of Canada's major cities. That is never more true than when it comes to the environment, the issue that has so far emerged as the Achilles heel of the government. As the next election inches forward, it will increasingly become a sensitive matter for the Conservatives."

That's three Achilles' Heels for poor Mr. Harper.

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