Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Brokeback Mounties (again)

Well, it seems at least that the mainstream media here is taking notice.

It would be nice, at least, if some of the nutcases here who are planning on constitutionalizing banning gay marriage would take a look to the north and see what's going on. Let's look at where we stand:
  • The Canadian forces have no problem with same-sex marriage and indeed, last June two servicemen were married. Gay men and women serve openly. The Canadian military hasn't fallen to pieces.
  • The Mounties have no problem with same-sex marriage. Gay men and women serve openly. They're still getting their men.
  • We've had same-sex marriage for almost 3 years. The straight divorce rate hasn't spiked, nor has the marriage rate dropped. Canadian society hasn't fallen apart. Bestiality hasn't been legalized, nor paedophilia, nor polygamy. Religions have not been forced to solemnize gay marriages if they don't want to.
  • God clearly approves (assuming His existence). Since gay marriage started, Canada's economy is going full steam ahead, we're running budget surpluses, the weather's been good, we caught the terrorists before they did anything (ahem, Pat "God will punish you" Robertson), and every single man and woman and child, gay or straight, has healthcare. In contrast, the US is in massive deficit, stuck in a messy war, has lost a major city, has almost half the population without healthcare, and has a President who's basically considered the worst ever. If there are meant to be Divine consequences for gay marriage, well, it seems that they're good.

In short, the Canadian example refutes every single argument against gay marriage that fanatics here raise. It doesn't threaten straight marriage. It doesn't increase divorce. There's no slippery slope. It doesn't threaten the military. God isn't hurling lightning bolts.

All that they're left with is: "We think it's icky." At its core, this Marriage Amendment is nothing more than rank, blatant hate.

A proud day for America that it's even being discussed, and by no less than someone as august as the President himself.

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gwilliamjr said...

What exactly is it about a free vote that scares the bejeezes out of everyone??? No pressure on cabinet ministers, free and open!! Gay marriage?? Who cares?? Not me. But, if the majority of Canadians are, and, want the definition of marriage to stay between a man and a woman, what does it matter?? Most of Europe have Civil Unions for homosexuals, half my friends have kids and are not married, I dont get the big deal. Gays and Lesbians are different. Men and women who dont want to get married but still have kids, well, they are different too. If, as gays and lesbians say, they are "loud and proud" then why do they want to be tied down to the "traditional" meaning of marriage?? If parliament decides to leave it alone, great, no biggie, if it decides that the traditional meaning of marriage is between a man and a woman, well, then its back to the drawing board. If you dont like the outcome dont ask the question.