Monday, June 05, 2006

Hereditary Elite

I really hate it when Americans go on and on about how the UK is class-based and the US isn't.

Maybe that was the case back in 1782 or whenever. It's not now.

The obscene gap between the poor and the rich here, the increasing lack of social mobility - it exists far more in the US than it does in the UK, or, for that matter, Canada/Australia/NZ - the other remaining monarchies.

And now, they're poised to make it worse. This is like my strange mystification as to why poor people vote Republican. It's marketing: Bush peddles his tax cuts like they help people - everyone remember his "the average tax cut will be $1000." Well, yes. But the median will be $45. So most people think, oh yeah, it's great, the estate tax sucks, even though only 2% of households pay it.

Crazy. The country is run by lunatics.

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Loony in LotusLand said...

Dean the political party that promises to rob Peter to pay Paul will always have the support of Paul. When my"progressive" friends rant about the growing disparity between the rich and the poor I give them this brain teaser.

If the Federal Government adopted a fiscal policy that would raise the real standard of living of Canadians by an average of thirty percent within ten years, but in doing so it increased the gap between the rich (way richer), and the poor ( some what richer), would that be acceptable to you?