Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Quebec suddenly loves Dion!

Can our national columnists at least get their tired assumptions consistent?

from Ibbitson in today's Globe&Mail:

"...although Mr. Dion is waging a surprisingly strong campaign, he remains a tough sell outside Quebec."

Next, we'll hear that although Bob Rae's campaign is surprisingly strong, he remains a tough sell outside Ontario...


HearHere said...

Is there some way that Dion could get some English training? I think his problem outside of Quebec is that people who speak English only cannot understand him. It is even harder for non-French people who have English as a second language.
If you turn off the sound and watch Dion speak his face gets all red and flustered and he flaps his arms around but we all had that with Paul Martin - a bunch of words and feigned passion.

Dion's English is far worse than Chretien's so English Canada would have the worst of the past two leaders - poor hard to understand English ala Chretien and arm flapping emotional red faced rhetoric ala Martin.

That is a perception that he will have to overcome. Not to mention that he failed the country on environment and is closely associated with AdScam as his riding benefited from the dirty money during the elections.

Lots of challenges there don't you agree?

Anonymous said...

More Quebeckers will be supporting Dion than anyone thinks. He is the only Quebecker in the race.

Mike B said...

Dion's English is no more atrocious than the other candidates' French. And come on, you can't compare Dion's English to Chretien's, as Chretien barely spoke any kind of recognized human language.

I also wouldn't saddle with him with 'failed the environment' and 'Adscam' baggage. He was neutered by Martin in his environment post, and is clearly on record as being opposed to the sponsorship programme.

That being said, the point of my post was jump all over Ibbitson's statement. Dion's supposed big baggage is his authorship of the Clarity Act and subsequent radioactivity in Quebec (and concurrent popularity outside of the province), and suddenly we have Ibbitson claiming he is only popular in Quebec. I've noticed Ibbitson often makes assumptions to nicely fit the thrust of his column, and this particular one jumped right out at me.