Wednesday, June 21, 2006

"Unfairly singles out the South"

So the House, in its wisdom, has delayed renewing the 1965 Voting Rights Act, because apparently it unfairly singles out 9 southern states for special federal oversight.

Well, DUH. That's the POINT. It isn't the Northern states (or, for that matter, the blue ones) who go out of their way to keep black people from voting. Just like it wasn't the Northern states who had a poll tax on blacks to keep them from voting. For that matter, of course, it also wasn't the Northern states who, you know, had to have federal troops escort black kids to school.

It is ridiculous to me that the US, which advertises itself as the model democracy in the world, is so dysfunctional in its elections. The stories, every election, of trying to prevent blacks and latinos from voting (disguised as a concern over "voting fraud." Voting fraud happens in Kraplakistan, or in those countries where "elected" leaders routinely get 98.8% of the vote.) are sickening. Hanging chads, anyone? Stop the recount? Voting machines?

If the federal government didn't keep a gun against the heads of the southern states, they'd ban blacks from voting so fast it would be silly. But oh, no, we have to be sensitive to the South.

As the good folks over at Americablog point out:

First off, you southern states are the reason the law exists in the first place. Loving v. Virginia, anyone? Not to mention Virginia's penchant for being possibly the most homophobic state in the Union. It seems there is still a special place for hatred and bigotry in the soul of the south, so spare us the victim crap. And how about that old civil war war-horse you people can't seem to ever get over. A people who get beyond your past you are most certainly not. (Yes, yes, many of you are sane liberals and independents, and that's great, but far too many are not, and your representation in Congress proves what the majority of your brethren really are.)

Exactly. Fuck the South. Bible thumping conservative redneck hicks. It's time to stop letting them set the national agenda. Of course, the problem is that like rabits they breed faster than the rest of us . . .

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