Tuesday, June 20, 2006

We are well and truly screwed

So. For years, we're told that the single greatest threat to the world is Iraq. Condi tells us all about mushroom clouds. We're told that Saddam has some really bad weapons. If we don't go and invade now, our children are all going to be gassed/nuked/zapped.

And we get there and he's got nothing.

Meanwhile, Iran's mullahs get pretty hardcore about the bomb.

And now, North Korea claims it has a bomb, and is about to test a missle capable of reaching parts of the US.

Certainly took our eyes off the ball there, eh?

But what kind of principled response can we make? The "there's a treaty that forbids you" is a bit rich, given the number of treaties Bush has ripped up.

"The international community and the UN say now." Right, that's credible, from Bush.

"Unilateral action to protect your security" rings a bit hollow too.

"Oh and empty your prison/torture camps while your at it" might not work either.

Basically, every single mechanism other than force which might work has been previously ignored by the Bushies. Offensive nonmutual collateral estoppel anyone?

We're screwed.

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kris said...

Notice that Japan is pulling its troops out of Iraq? And this was a convenient way to turn on the missile defense system...hopefully they won't be trying to sell us on it, again.