Tuesday, June 06, 2006

O'Connor's C-17s (part 2)

An open letter to Parliament, published in the Canadian American Strategic Review (good reading for anyone interested in Canadian defence procurement policy, or lack-thereof), complaining about Defence Minister O'Connor's intention to single-source the Canadian Forces' new strategic airlifter. By purchasing the Boeing C-17, Porsche of airlifters, Canadian taxpayers may be on the hook for a very expensive piece of equipment to operate, while keeping the residents of southern California comfortably employed (apologies to Dean).

Also in the Review, this interesting offer from the Russians for a MUCH cheaper airlifter.

Will O'Connor consider it?
Will the Opposition pick up on this? (Assuming they've figured out how a debate in Parliament works)
Will this purchase become, dare I say it, Harper's magical fourth Achilles Heel?

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