Thursday, June 08, 2006

Pundit Hair Watch

On tonight's National, the At Issue panel was discussing the terror plot.

We had Andrew Coyne, Chantal Hebert, and Michael Byers from UBC.

On how Canadians were dealing with the revelations, Chantal Hebert pointed out that domestic terrorism is nothing new to Canadians, citing the gunman in the National Assembly in the 80s, and that we would take this too in stride.

Peter Mansbridge said that it was all the buzz in Central Canadian media. He asked Michael Byers how it was playing out in the West.

He said that BC people were used to terrorism investigations, citing Air India. Then he had the nerve to actually say that if there was a flash and a bang, and the screens from Montreal and Toronto went dead, it wouldn't be such a big deal, life would go on.

Andrew Coyne nearly lost it. He angrily stated (quite rightfully) that an attack on any Canadian was an attack on all Canadians.

Then Byers said that Canada had an ethnically diverse nation full of people from troubled parts of the world, and who where therefore used to such trauma. As a result, he claimed that we would apply measured, rational responses to this threat, because Canadians aren't people who over-react, unlike our hysterial American neighbours.

This time, it was Chantal's turn to respond. She actually broke her usually composed face, and laughed.

Her reply to the claim that Canadians don't over-react? Three words: War Measures Act.

Whoever this Byers character was, he was not making a good impression with Coyne and Hebert. And his hair! His hair was a complete mess, and this in comparison to the other two panelists, of whom I'm never all that forgiving.

The panel wrapped up with their thoughts on Stephen Harper's comment about being more afraid of his caucus than threats to behead him.

Coyne: Too glib, given the gravity of the situation.
Hebert: Perfect, something Trudeau would have said. Did she just favourably compare Harper to Trudeau? Ok, maybe the critics of Mike&Dean (we have critics!) are right, she IS a bit biased towards him...
Byers: I can't remember. I was too transfixed by his hair. It was such a disaster, the Red Cross wouldn't even give it coffee.

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