Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Stupid Spinning by Hillary

Hillary Clinton, give me a break. Yesterday, you described Obama's opposition to the bone-headed plan to drop the federal gas tax for the summer as "My opponent doesn't want to give consumers a break." How about we call a spade a spade and say, "My opponent doesn't see the wisdom of lowering federal revenues a time of massive deficits and a war, when we are cutting budgets for everything remedial, and the economy is tanking."

Let's also do the math: My car has an 18 gallon tank. Federal tax is currently something like 19 cents/gallon. For me, that's a $3.42 saving per fill up. How about we just give everyone a free Starbucks latte instead?

And, I'm sorry--Americans already have the lowest gas prices in the world. What, Americans, do you think you have a god-given right to have cheap gas and drive huge fuel-inefficient cars for eternity? As far as I'm concerned, higher gas prices are a good thing, since if people finally start realizing that fuel efficiency and public transit are good things, we might actually see more of those (and we can take away the stupid campaign shills of "reduce our dependence on foreign oil.")

And also, how pathetic of you saying you're there for the working man? Listening to you try to empathize with some guy who lost his job, when you've never been laid off in your life? [Full disclosure, nor have I. But I don't hide my elitism.]


Johnathon said...

I wonder why you tow tag teamers are so intrigued with Barack Obama.

He is against gay marriage, against late term abortion, against Nafta among other things.

Don't arch liberals like you two lovers totally DISAGREE with Barack Obama's convictions?

If so, then why do you support him?

Dean P said...

I think we've dealt with trolls like you before but briefly:

1. Hillary and McCain are against gay marriage.

2. Only in convervative fantasy land do liberals dream of aborting babies in the 50th week of pregnancy. Almost every liberal I know is not opposed to reasonable limitations. Don't believe everything Bill O'Reilly tells you.

3. The Nafta thing is just stupid--if the Americans want to re-open Nafta, great, because we can fix some thing in it too.

And only in stupid person world does supporting someone mean you support every last thing they do. If Trudeau or Chretien were back in politics today, there would be plenty of things I'd oppose.

Now, go back to your bridge and take your simplistic ideas and poor logic home.

Johnathon said...

Hey Deaney Poo, you still haven't answered the question.

Why do you support Barack Obama?

Just answer the question.

P.S (Without trolls like myself, you would have ZERO visitors to your site, just remember that)