Wednesday, April 02, 2008

This is madness

This is lunacy. The first paragraph terrifies me. The second proves that the Tories will do anything to win a majority now, no matter what the future consequences.

OTTAWA — The Harper government is telling Quebec that if the Conservatives win a majority in the next election, they will look to reopen the Constitution and give more meaning to their recognition of Quebeckers as a nation.

Emphasizing the Conservative receptiveness to “Quebec's historical demands,” Labour Minister Jean-Pierre Blackburn raised the possibility of winning 30 to 40 seats in the province, up from the current 11.

I was a teenager during the Mulroney constitutional wars, and I remember just how divisive special status for Quebec was. I can't imagine it would be any better now.

Harper will bring the country to the verge of ruin just for 4 years with a majority.


Mike B said...

This doesn't terrify me at all. I say let Harper try, because flirting with the nationalists eventually leads to your doom. While the Quebec-as-a-nation motion was largely symbolic, this new initiative would entail more, and I doubt the rest of the country would go along with it.

Furthermore, it is beyond me why they would be playing directly into Dion's (sole remaining) strength (in the rest of Canada). So let them try.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't terrify me either. Everyone knows it won't fly in the RoC. Might even strengthen our position. Although with Dion as leader, I won't bet the farm on it. On that topic - Did anyone see the Toronto Star cartoon today? Can anyone say "crisis"!