Sunday, April 06, 2008

This is what we face

Here is a comment that was put by some "anonymous" reader to this post. I hesitated to publish it, not least because it's cloaked behind the veil of anonymity (i.e. cowardice), but at the same time, it's also vaguely worth posting to make it clear to however few straight readers we have (okay, however few readers we have, period) that this is this stuff we face, every day, even in 2008. So without further ado, our enlightened reader said:

Homosexuality is a perversion of sexuality no different from pedophilia. Homosexuals are obsessed with putting the genitals where they don't belong. It's a sin.

Right and wrong is NOT determined by public opinion nor personal opinion. Homosexuality is wrong and that's a universal, immutable, objective truth.

Well then. At least this guy can spell.

While I could take apart the comment, I'll let its stupidity stand for itself, save to say this: I knew I was gay not because of where I wanted to stick my dick (and trust me, that was very much the LAST thing I ever wanted to do back when I was 15), but because of who I became emotionally attracted to.


Anonymous said...

This anonymous commentor left the same comment twice on my blog, (both cases second from bottom), once here:

And again here:

It should be noted the comments first were on the April 5th post then about two hours later appeared on the April 4th post.

So it would appear he or she just copied and pasted the same comment on numerous blogs that were talking about homosexuality.

Anonymous said...

They say ignorance is bliss - well, there sure exceptions to that rule.

Ignorance it seems is more like unenlightened, uneducated, hurtful, narrow-minded and hateful.

I'd rather have a gay friend that's kind, honest and educated and not ignorant like some of the trolls.

What's truly shown here is how stupid some Anon's are - they are so dumb they don't know people think they are dumb and shake their heads in disbelief that there are still backwoods thinkers out there.

I sure wouldn't want one of them as a friend - judgmental is a poor quality in a person.