Tuesday, April 29, 2008


This entire nonsense just shows how stupid the American election has become. Some guy that Obama was vaguely associated with suddenly comes out with some complete hogwash and now because Obama once associated with him he's tarred by it and has to respond.

Come on.

Can we talk about food crises?

Can we talk about the appalling deficit that no one seems to care is going to sink the economy? (I recall back when Canada was running deficits the WSJ suggested we were on the bring of being 3d world. Um.)

Can we talk about Bush's stupid statement today that he has sent all sorts of proposals to Congress to fix the economy? And that he's claiming it's the Democrats' fault?

Can we talk about health care?

Can we talk about Iraq?

No. Bowling scores matter more than policy.

And that the masses seem to lap this shit up only speaks to their stupidity and that voting should be restricted to those who actually understand the issues.

Greenwald gets it right:

I think the most important thing to note about the Jeremiah Wright Story is that we're a Nation plagued by exceedingly few significant problems; blessed with a quite healthy political culture and very trusted political and media institutions; composed of a citizenry that is peacefully content with its Government and secure and confident about their future; endowed with a supremely sturdy economic foundation free of debt and other grave economic afflictions; vested with the ability to command great respect and admiration from the other nations of the world; emancipated by the burdens of war and intractable conflicts which have toppled and destroyed so many other great nations of the past; and, most of all, we're becoming freer and more prosperous by the minute.

. . .

So it isn't as though we really have anything else to talk about besides Jeremiah Wright. There are some countries in the world -- probably most -- which have so many big problems that they could ill-afford to devote much time and energy to a matter of this sort. Thankfully, the United States isn't one of them. I believe it's critical that we keep that in mind as we discuss him for the next seven months.

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