Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Examples of how pathetic the government is

All the Tories can seem to do these days is say "Well, the Liberal were bad when they were in government."

Witness this wonderful exchange between MHF and Jim Prentice.

Mr. Speaker, the numbers speak for themselves. Why is the Conservative government doing nothing to stem the slow death of the 250,000 strong well-paying jobs we have in Ontario, jobs created by the up to now innovative and world leading auto sector?

Mr. Speaker, I welcome my friend to the House. To carry on dealing with things that were not dealt with, this government is taking care of infrastructure. My friend of course was not in the House, but at the time that there was a Liberal government in this country, we allowed a situation to develop. The Detroit-Windsor bridge crossing is a single bridge built before the Great Depression and carries more trade than the entire United States-Japanese trading relationship.

Yet, this bridge is beyond capacity. The former government did nothing about it. This government is addressing it. It is at the top of our priorities and we will fix that bridge situation.

Um. I don't seem to recall MHF asking about the bridge. As she herself noted:

Mr. Speaker, I would like to thank the hon. member for his generous welcome and I would like to point out that my question really did not have to do with bridges. It had to do with jobs.

Once again, the Conservative government, instead of finding solutions for the many families who are losing their livelihoods, is only blaming Ontario. It is time to stand up with Ontario. These Canadian families are asking, why are the Conservatives letting them down?

Mr. Speaker, if I can assist the hon. member in bridging from bridges to jobs, the truth of the matter is that this bridge is central to our automotive industry and to the competitiveness of our industry.

The former government did not appreciate that. That is why the bridge is jammed up. That is why there are 8,000 tractor trailer units a day using the bridge, sometimes taking up to eight hours. We cannot be competitive if we allow that to persist. The former government did not do anything about it. It relates to jobs. We are dealing with it.

Crazy. They all just have their talking points in the Government and no matter what the question, the talking point comes out.


Manuel said...

He just didn't want to start a fire fight with Mcguinty for his failure to keep his province above water. So tip toeing around any subject related to affairs in Ontario is well advised at this point.

WesternGrit said...

The "bridge is jammed up" because his Conservative buddies down South perceive a "terrorist threat" from Canada. Funny how the bridge was not a (major) issue before 9/11. Even his reasoning for the bridge issues is idiotic. What a moron.