Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Entire Country Goes Crazy

OMG. I seriously cannot believe that this is just show, or this is just people doing what they're "supposed" to be doing. Not when everything you read about North Koreans actually believing this shit that they get fed.


Austin said...

when your family's survival depends on how much you show public emotion, it is not all that surprising.

The foolishness lies in the belief that we as the purported enlightened and civilized society that we like to believe we are, are incapable of such travesties of democracy.

But look! "9/11". "You are with us or against us". Just look at the current CPC government and the lackeys that perpetrate and perpetuate their lies.


Dean P said...

Austin--I've normally be inclined to agree with you, but having read a few blogs about visitors to DPRK, and also the thoroughly excellent book "Under the loving care of the fatherly leader" (or something like that), I don't think that everyone is actually faking it.

Austin said...

I think it is important to remember that people under extreme circumstances often don't behave in a manner that we consider "logical".

In fact, this human trait is not unique to the people of the DPRK.

When I see kids cry because of seeing some hollywood celebrity, or old separatists get red-faced in anger while lamenting the loss of the French, I see the same thing.

On the scale of things, I think the latter are more disturbing.