Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Chantal gets it wrong, again.

In today's Toronto Star, Chantal Hebert has the gall to turn the In-and-Out scandal around and blame Elections Canada for endangering their institutional reputation. Excuse me, but Elections Canada is simply following their mandate, investigating clear breaches of the Elections Act, you know, THE LAW.

It was the Conservatives who stood up in Parliament recklessly smeared the arbiter of our remarkably fair and trusted elections process, and suggested this was all part of a Liberal-RCMP-CBC-Elections Canada conspiracy. Just as the Conservatives have accused any and all respected institutions in this country who dare stand up to them (Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission for example) of being part of some vast left-wing conspiracy.

When she isn't writing yet another column bashing Dion, (a full chronicling of her obsession here), Hebert is either cynically dismissing Conservative scandals as inconsequential or shooting the messenger who first brought them to light.

Chantal, this blog's days of respecting your opinion are over. And let's not get started on your hair.

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Dean P said...

Kady gets it right--somehow the Liberals control every aspect of the country while nevertheless being chronically in debt and unable to win elections or make any progress in Quebec.

The Tories will be a serious party when their knee-jerk reaction isn't to either blame past Liberal "transgressions" or suggest somehow that the Liberal Party is up there with the Illuminati and the Freemasons in running the world from behind the scenes.

And calling it the In and Out scandal makes me really hungry. (It's a burger chain here in the US.)