Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Cheney's Tyranny

This is horrifying.

Cheney is claiming that he is utterly immune from any sort of congressional oversight.

As sad as this evidence that we have become an autocracy, what is worse is that I think the administration and its gang can get away with the insanity (including Cheney's conflicting claims as to what part of government he is) because the American people are either too stupid or too apathetic to actually care about the descent into totalitarianism.

Cheney has refused to let anyone from his office testify as to the authorization of torture. To which Conyers replied:

Presumably, you believe that whatever actions you took were necessary and comported with the law; in such circumstances, I cannot imagine why you would decline to appear and set the record straight. The American people deserve no less.

The Republicans will burn in hell for letting Bush get away with this for 6 years, but the Democrats will be right behind them for having been such pussies for those 6 years.

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