Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Separatist Bullshit

So here's a little gem from Duceppe:

"If there was a motion on Kyoto before the budget and Mr. Harper made it a confidence motion and the national assembly – which is the government of Quebec – expressed itself and said it is unacceptable, he will have to be held accountable.["]

Yes. It's the government of the Province of Quebec. But it has nothing at all to do with the Federal Parliament. Imagine the chaos if a Provincial legislature could "express itself" and thus bind all its federal MPs to vote that way?

Regular readers will know my contempt for provincial governments. These nonsensical little baronetcies, with less regard for Canada than their own electoral promises, do nothing more than rip us apart. The "Council of the Federation" is anything but. It should be called the "Council devoted to advancing the parochial interests of its members to the expense of the Federation and of each other."

Case in point: Danny Williams' little temper tantrums. Demanding the Flag be lowered until the Federal Government grant some concession (which the failure Martin gave).

The provinces should be put in their place. Canada is the unifying power in our state, not some idiot little province. Perhaps I'm just a good Ontarian--someone who believes that our Country comes first, and any sacrifice we make that hurts our province is fine because the country as a whole benefits.

And then you have Klein, Williams, and those idiots Boisclair and Duceppe. Small minded, foolish, and, in the end, treacherous.

Honestly, the Crown should start to exercise some control: The loyalty of any head of any provincial government should always be to Canada first. That should be the overriding test, because, as the Separation Reference points out, all provinces have obligations to the others.

Our national motto is "A Mari Usque Ad Mare"--"From Sea to Sea." It isn't "From the border of the east end of my province to the west end."

A long way of saying I'm over provincial politicians forgetting Canada.

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