Monday, December 04, 2006

The Pundits are wrong--again

What was all that nonsense about the Liberals not being able to win with Dion?

Already, those that claim that are being proven wrong. The Liberals got a jump in the polls from Dion--of six points! And on the Quebec front:

And in a reaction that defies the conventional wisdom of Quebec pundits, 62 per cent of respondents in the province said that Mr. Dion was a good choice for the Liberals, with only 29 per cent saying he was a bad choice. The approval of the Liberals' pick was higher in Quebec than in the rest of the country, where 55 per cent liked the choice.

We'll never have the separatist vote, so why worry about it? What we want to do is get all the federalist vote on our side and not on the Tories. Having a strong federalist is the key to doing that. And that's going to sell well in the rest of the country--no one can ever accuse Dion of pandering to Quebec.

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Anonymous said...

THis message need to be heard loud and clear by the likes of Pablo Rodrigez Liza Frulla Jean lapierre et denis coderre.
These closet seperatistes are finished in the party now!