Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Same Sex Marriage

Why is it that it's the old, white men who are anti-gay marriage?

Josee Verner--awesome speech, defying her party and opposing. Bravo Bill Graham--excellent speech, same with Real Menard.

And who is this tool, Rob Bruinooge, who's saying that the whipping of the BQ and the NDP violates the Charter? Oh, yes, because disallowing gay marriage is such a protected Charter value. But come on--the Liberals are not whipping, and does anyone think that any but one or two BQ and NDP MPs would vote for the motion.

Mike texted me earlier today that we should pass a law banning the use of one's familiarity or friendship with gays against a charge of bigotry. I agree. I also think there should be a law against those who preach family and christianity. Tired, tedious, and unproven arguments.

And, Dean Del Mastro, stop with the stupid slippery slope arguments. Those are boring. And childish.


Devin said...


I agree. Real Menard was REALLY good. Given the speeches of Dean del Mastro and Bev Shipley, when will the Conservatives finally admit that this entire debate is borne of an inherent belief that homosexuality is wrong and must be resisted.

Dean P said...

Yeah. And what's up with the Libs who all say "I hate gay marriage but this bill sucks so I'm not voting for it."

Though, I'm not going to complain. It lets them vote against it while "voting for their conscience." It also helps Harper to propose a bill that doesn't actually work--so he knows it will fail, and the issue will go away.

SouthernOntarioan said...

If Mike thinks that one's friendship with gays shouldn't be used as a defence from bigotry charges then perhaps accusing people of being bigots should be disallowed as well.

I happen to think SSM shouldn't have been allowed. Does that make me a bigot?

I also happen to think that civil unions would have been preferable and don't think discrimination based on sexual preference is proper. Does that change your view of me being a bigot?

To make the charge of someone being a 'bigot' should require more than just simply one's personal view on a single issue. And accusing someone of being a 'bigot' should be used rarely out of respect for the word. If you accuse everyone of being a bigot then the accusation loses its meaning and its strength.

Tania said...

Rod Bruinooge defeated Reg Alcock in a close race in Winnipeg South. I researched it after he brought up his First Nations heritage and sent an angry worded email to him.

As a First Nations person, he should know what it's like to be marginalized and legislated against by governments based on something he had no control over, his skin colour.

As a First Nations person myself, I'm well aware how rights can be eroded based on something I have no control over so I find it reprehensible that he uses his traditions as a First Nation to speak out against.

In our culture, we believe in the common good of all. In fact, in some First Nations, it was common to be married to more than one person at a time. Some Chiefs had many wives. Will he then vote for a motion that proposes bigamy since it's "tradition" amongst First Nations Peoples?

I'm getting angry watching CPAC, but, surprisingly, proud of how Hedy Fry is taking them all on.

Mike B said...

"I know gays, some of my friends are gay, BUT..."

No, you don't know gays, and they are probably not your friend. If I hear that lame-ass cliche excuse again...

So southernontarioan, what's your reason for not approving of same sex marriage? Before I can refrain from calling you a bigot (which I never did), I need to know your reasoning.

Anonymous said...

To give credit where due, a posting on globe and mail today summed it up better than any description I've been able to come up with when it comes to the bizarre rationale, "I think gays ought to have all the rights of marriage but should call it something 'different'".

Basically, the guy said, "yeah, that's a good idea. And while we're at it, gays should be able to ride buses too but let's make them ride in the back."

Someone else suggested that if it really DOESN'T MATTER what it's called, perhaps gays should use the term 'marriage' and hetersexuals could have civil unions."

The point of both posts was basically that people should stop trying to paint their bigotry as something more noble than it really is.

If you have a problem with "what it's called" than you still have a problem with it. So what's the real story? I'm dying to know.

Dean P said...

Southernontarioan--I'm not going to throw bigot at you. And I can't tell you if you're a bigot or just a moron unless you actually articulate WHY it is you're against SSM. And, of course, someone from Ontario is an Ontarian, not an OntariOan.

And Tania--Awesome! I didn't even realize that, and couldn't agree more. It's like african americans in DC being rabidly anti-gay.

Aaron Unruh said...

"And I can't tell you if you're a bigot or just a moron unless you actually articulate WHY it is you're against SSM."

I think I'm both. I'm opposed because you're icky.

Phyl said...

What's hilarious about this "re-opening of the debate" is that it demonstrates -- yet again -- that the real goal of these people is NOT to "fight activist judges and let parliament decide."

Parliament already decided, last year. But it didn't decide the way they wanted, so suddenly THAT parliamentary vote wasn't valid, but somehow a parliamentary vote that gives them what they want will suddenly be valid.

What it's actually about is NOT following proper legislative procedures, as they so constantly trumpet. It's about repeating the exercise until they get their own way.

And once they do, they'll go all pious and say, "Yes, well, parliament has now decided, and this law should now stand forever and never be re-opened."

(And when it comes to "activist judges," did you notice they made nary a peep when the Supreme Court ruled that it's legal to spank your children? Those people like that, so that "activist judgement" was just fine with them. Again -- it's all about getting their own way, and NOTHING about actual law.)

Devin said...


Rod "Mr. Monotone" Bruinooge is also the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Indian Affairs.